FreeBSD 8.3 with LSI MegaRAID 9265-8i

Joe Mays mays at
Fri Oct 5 02:56:33 UTC 2012

Well, this is a real problem. I have nothing where I am to build and burn an 
ISO, and I am trying to work with someone several states away through an 
IKVM switch. The server-to-be is on a port on the switch and I need them to 
download the ISO via FTP and burn it to a disc and drop it in the tray. 
Right now I'll happily pay $50 to to anyone who can provide me with an ISO 
of 8.3 stable in a location that I can provide to the person in missouri so 
he can download it and create the DVD. I'm serious. Paypal is at the ready.

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> On Thu, Oct 4, 2012 at 9:38 PM, Joe Mays <mays at> wrote:
>>> Which ISO? The driver didn't make it into 8.3-RELEASE. Do you have a
>>> stable/8 iso that was made sometime after the 8.3 release?
>> No, I was trying to install from 8.3 RELEASE. Where do I get a .iso of 
>> 8.3
>> STABL:E that will include the new mfi driver? I can't find one on the ftp
>> site.
> There is no ISO to download.  The most recent stable/8 code at
> includes the driver.  Check it
> out and build a release ISO based on that code.  Reference the URL
> below, but don't pay any mind to "patching sysinstall", "kernel
> config", or "Executing/Using the kernel" sections and it'll guide you
> in building a release.  Once the release is built, run mkisofs on it
> and you'll have your ISO.
> Also consider reading the release(7) manpage at
> for information on building a release.
> -- 
> Take care
> Rick Miller 

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