suggest pdf viewer for pdf version 1.6 with annotations

Jamie Paul Griffin jamie at
Thu Oct 4 10:13:07 UTC 2012

[ Anton Shterenlikht wrote on Thu  4.Oct'12 at  9:24:19 +0100 ]

> 	From mail at Thu Oct  4 07:56:05 2012
> 	On Wed 2012-10-03 11:26:38 UTC+0200, Polytropon (freebsd at wrote:
> 	> On Wed, 3 Oct 2012 08:50:16 +0100 (BST), Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
> 	>
> 	> > I got sent a pdf file, version 1.6, with annotations.
> 	> > xpdf can view the file, but not the annotations.
> 	> > Please suggest a pdf viewer from ports that might help.
> 	> 
> 	> I haven't checked, but the "Adobe Reader" (port: acroread,
> 	> e. g. acroread9) should be able to do this, as PDF 1.6
> 	> support is in that product since version 7 (Jan. 2005).
> 	> 
> 	> I'm not sure if it would be "less bloaty" to use a PDF
> 	> viewer coming with one of the big desktop environments
> 	> KDE or Gnome: Evince, KPDF or Okular... I'm not using
> 	> any of these, so I can't make better recommendations.
> 	> Whenever I approach the border of what xpdf and gv can
> 	> do, I use "acroread <filename>". :-)
> 	I'm curious if anyone's tried running the Linux version of FoxItReader
> 	under FreeBSD's Linux emulation. There's a good chance it supports
> 	showing annotations.
> 	Also I suspect Chromium (www/chromium) has an internal PDF viewer like
> 	the Windows & Linux versions do. It may also show annotations.
> 	A cursory web search for a PDF with annotations came up empty,
> 	otherwise I'd test both natively in Ubuntu.
> Thank you all for the suggestions.
> In general I think installing the linux
> layer defeats the whole joy of fbsd.
> Why use linux layer on fbsd if I can just
> use linux directly. Perhaps I'm spoiled
> by having access to multiple fbsd and linux
> boxes. Maybe it's more of an issue for others.
> Anyway, evince didn't work for me at all,
> probably some ia64 issue. The easiest
> solution for me is acroread on linux.
> Thanks again
> Anton

The points you made about running Linux 'stuff' on FreeBSD I completely agree with. But, it's the fault of these proprietary software people that make it difficult for us FreeBSD users and so whilst I don't like the concept of it, it's unfortunately something I have to live with as FreeBSD is my main desktop and development environment. xpdf can't do all of the things that's occasionally required, that was my reason for installing the Linux acroread, along with the flash player, etc. ...

I'm glad you found a solution to your issue though. That's the main thing.

Best wishes, Jamie

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