A problem with loader

Zbigniew zbigniew2011 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 3 08:21:52 UTC 2012

2012/10/3, Thomas Mueller <mueller23 at insightbb.com>:

>> installed recently 9.0 - and I've got a little problem: while booting,
>> "loader" somehow gets incorrect currdevice value, stopping boot
>> process. It does get "disk1s6a", but it should be "disk1s7a". I can
>> boot system, when I set currdev "manually", then type "boot".
>> But how can I change it for steady, avoiding this typing each time? Of
>> course, loader won't read its config files, when not having access to
>> root directory. How can I pass the proper value to loader immediately?
>> Maybe the fact, that I'm booting FreeBSD using GRUB, can be of any help?

> Which GRUB are you using, legacy (0.97) or GRUB2?

"Legacy" GRUB 0.97.

> Are you sure you specify the partition correctly in GRUB?
> Partition numbering starts from 0 in GRUB legacy but from 1 in GRUB2.

Well, it seems so; it's booting at least to loader's shell, and -
besides - it doesn't allow me to select partition "6", as

But what about any possibility to pass the proper value for currdisk to loader?

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