nvidia and flash plugin problem

David Demelier demelier.david at gmail.com
Tue Oct 2 19:32:40 UTC 2012

On 02/10/2012 21:16, David Demelier wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a nvidia GT 630 and use the flash plugin, I've got a very strange
> problem, on youtube (or any flash video), the colors are just broken.
> See:
> 1. http://markand.malikania.fr/1.png
> 2. http://markand.malikania.fr/2.png
> On the second picture, the man is supposed to wear a cyan shirt!
> One thing more, it is *very* *very* strange, if I open a new firefox
> tab, I can see some bits of the video frame in the new tab!
> This is happening on a FreeBSD 9.0 amd64 box with
> linux-f10-flashplugin-11.2r202.238
> nvidia-driver-304.51
> Cheers,

After some research, it seems to be a general bug in the adobe flash 
plugin, to fix it,

Right click on a video, click settings and disable hardware acceleration.

David Demelier

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