HP networked printer -- hp-setup won't use, hp-probe finds

Gary Aitken ah at dreamchaser.org
Thu May 31 23:03:11 UTC 2012

I've got an HP printer directly connected to the local network.

hp-probe finds it:

#hp-probe -bnet

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 3.12.2)
Printer Discovery Utility ver. 4.1
  Device URI                                       Model                     Name    
  -----------------------------------------------  ------------------------  --------
  hp:/net/Officejet_Pro_8500_A909g?ip=aa.bb.cc.dd  Officejet_Pro_8500_A909g  HP4356E6

Found 1 printer(s) on the 'net' bus.

However, hp-setup and hp-uri refuse to use it:

#hp-makeuri -ldebug aa.bb.cc.dd

HP Linux Imaging and Printing System (ver. 3.12.2)
Device URI Creation Utility ver. 5.0
hp-makeuri[63924]: debug: Trying IP address aa.bb.cc.dd
hp-makeuri[63924]: debug: Not found.
hp-makeuri[63924]: debug: Trying serial number aa.bb.cc.dd
hp-makeuri[63924]: debug: Probing bus: usb
hp-makeuri[63924]: debug: Probing bus: par
error: Device not found

When the gui comes up, only the USB option is enabled.  There is no parallel port active and no wireless on the box, but at least the network connection should be available.

The probe which succeeds takes several seconds, but the hp-setup gui and makeuri fail immediately, and the missing ability to set the network discovery option in the gui lead me to believe it's not even trying the ip addr.

Anyone with experience setting these guys up have any advice?

Alternately, is there anything other than a special lp filter really needed, and if not, any suggestions on the best one to use?  I looked at apsfilter but the installation SETUP driver options didn't seem to include this printer.

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