FreeBSD9 fails to install on HP Proliant (crash)

Ewald Jenisch a at
Thu May 31 13:41:36 UTC 2012


I'm trying to install FreeBSD9 (64bit) on a HP Proliant server 
(ProLiant DL385 G1). Installation is done via remote-management
("iLO") basically by mounting the Installation-ISO.

However a couple of seconds after booting the box crashes.

Here's what I tried already:

o) Re-download the installation ISO - same checksum - same result

o) Instead of booting directly I issued the following two commands 
on the loader prompt:

set kern.eventtimer.periodic=1
set kern.eventtimer.timer="LAPIC"

followed by "boot"

Neither of these helped.

To cross-check I tried booting of a FreeBSD 8 installation media - no
problems at all (besides that the machine is running FreeBSD8
currently without problems)

Any clue what could be wrong here and what I can do in order to make
this box boot from the installation media?

Thanks much in advance for your help,

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