Firewall, blocking POP3

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> Subject: Firewall, blocking POP3 
> Hello all.
> I am sorry if the question is too basic.
> I have a personal small machine running
>     FreeBSD 7.3-PRERELEASE #0:
> It runs as my web and email server for a cuple of domains. NO clients 
> no other users have access to it.
> Is there any , easy/faster way to stop POP3 from being working. I am 
> running qpopper to be able to download emailes.
> I decided to use sendmail since only a few accounts are there and I 
> do not need more but in the last days the server has been under a big 
> attack where people is trying to guess users and passwords. I am 
> using a strong schema of passwords so no problem on that but I rather 
> to be sure .

The mail -server- you use is irrelevant to how users retrieve mail.
you can use sendmail and qpopper, or sendmail and an IMAP server, or
sendmail and  webmail app, or postix and qpopper, or exim and qpopper,

All you have to do to disable qpopper is edit comment out the line in 
/etc/inetd.conf, and SIGHUP inetd.

To re-enable when you need it, uncomment the line, and SIGHUP inetd again.

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