Address to reach human operator regarding problems with list?

Matthew Seaman matthew at
Wed May 30 09:29:34 UTC 2012

On 30/05/2012 10:07, Thomas Mueller wrote:
> When a list member has problems with the list that require contacting
> a human list owner/operator, what is the address to send to?
> I received a probe message regarding messages to me that bounced,
> might have been spams that slipped by the list's filters.
> I was advised in the message that the address was
> freebsd-questions-owner at

freebsd-questions-owner at ... is correct, except that to my knowledge
there isn't really a moderator for freebsd-questions (it's an open list
that anyone can post to without having to be a member) and that address
ultimately gets dealt with by postmaster at

The message you got about "held for moderation" is standard boiler-plate
from mailman, and probably not appropriate for your specific circumstances.

On the whole though, you shouldn't need to contact anyone about the
warning you received.   It generally occurs when your mail system
rejects messages from the freebsd-questions at ... list as spam.  As there
is a certain amount of spam that does appear on the list, this is an
absolutely legitimate practice: trouble is, it's hard for the FreeBSD
mail system to distinguish deliberate non-acceptance of spam from
accidental non-acceptance of traffic due to a broken mailer.

Mailman has an adaptive system that scores you based on how many rejects
you generate in a certain time period.  If you log into mailman at eg.
you can see your current score.  Mine is currently 2.0 (out of 5.0) and
has been about that for quite some time.  So long as your score is not
too large, I wouldn't worry about the message you received.  Even if
your score does go over the threshold, you can just use that same
interface to re-enable delivery.



Dr Matthew J Seaman MA, D.Phil.

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