Kernel Panic any help?

Jens Jahnke jan0sch at
Tue May 29 16:20:54 UTC 2012


On 25 May 2012 20:01:44 -0000
"John Levine" <johnl at> wrote:

JL> >panic: ffs_clusteralloc: map mismatch
JL> Something's fairly badly screwed up on your disk.  My advice would
JL> be to boot from a CD or USB key and run fsck to try to repair it.

the disk was pretty much f...ed up. I always got an "access denied" on
every operation I tried on the device node for the root partition.
I had to delete and re-create the partition.

Well I took the "oportunity" and upgraded to 9.0. ;-)

Thanks for the help,


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