mount refused, no journal

Gary Aitken freebsd at
Mon May 28 20:34:27 UTC 2012

I mounted a previous system disk,
cleaned everything off it using rm,
then stuck a bunch of files on it.

Used it for a day or so,
including at least one
   shutdown -r
then halted the system to swap a CD.

Upon reboot, the system refuses to mount the drive:

mount -o rw -t ufs /dev/ada0p2 /hd1
Failed to find journal.  Use newfs to create one
Failed to start journal: 2
mount: /dev/ada0p2 : No such file or directory

   mount -o ro -t ufs /dev/ada0p2 /hd1

tunefs -p /hd1
   soft updates               enabled
   soft update journaling     enabled
   gjournal                   disabled

tunefs -p /
shows the same

The error looks like it's expecting gjournal to be enabled,
but the tunefs output shows it should not be.

Any hints?



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