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Mon May 28 15:57:34 UTC 2012


just a guess:

On 28.05.2012 16:11, fake fake wrote:

> To install tmux under $HOME/bin, I have installed libevent library
> under $HOME/lib (I do not have root privilege).
> Then set the variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH to $HOME/lib in .cshrc.

LD_LIBRARY_PATH only affects the dynamic linker and its search path
when executing a program. You will need this when you execude tmux afterwards.

> But "./configure --prefix=$HOME" in src/tmux returns "configure:

With --prefix=... you tell the configure script where you wanna install the 
files. Now you have to tell the gcc where to search for the 
library/includes. So try to set CFLAGS="-I $HOME/include -L $HOME/lib"

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