font sizes in xfce 4.10

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Mon May 28 04:53:05 UTC 2012

On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 11:33 PM, Antonio Olivares
<olivares14031 at> wrote:
> On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 11:11 PM, Polytropon <freebsd at> wrote:
>> On Sun, 27 May 2012 22:20:43 -0500, Antonio Olivares wrote:
>>> Dear folks,
>>> I forgot to ask in same thread.  Apologize in advance :(
>>> The font sizes have changed giving very tiny size, it was not like in
>>> 4.8.3 XFCE.  Will resetting xfce to pristine state(default) restore
>>> these?  or do I have to figure out another way to fix this?
>> Depends. If you remove the user's ~/-xfce4 setting directory,
>> they should go back to the defaults. But what are the defaults?
>> Maybe those are already too small.
>> As Xfce 4 is a Gtk+ application, you can try a general override
>> of fonts with a ~/.gtkrc-2.0, containing
>>        gtk-font-name="Tahoma 12"
>> as an example to override. You can also change your display's
>> DPI (depending on if you're using a CRT or LCD) in X's configuration
>> file.
>> I'd say the best way is to load Xfce 4 with its defaults, then
>> alter them using its configuration tools, which will result in
>> a "different" user configuration in the ~/.xfce4 directory.
>> --
> I copied the username/.config directory to another folder and nuked
> it.  Then I see the pristine settings.  They are almost the same with
> the exception of the clock moved to the side like it had been before
> but was moved.  The fonts are the same :(, tiny.  If I change the size
> it is not noticed.  The bottom panel has no icons except for two
> folders on both ends and the application finder.  I guess I will have
> to change that behavior manually.
> I will see where I can adjust the sizes of the fonts since they don't
> appear to be in a folder.
> Thanks for helping out.
> Regards,
> Antonio

I believe that I have found a way to fix the issue.

The problem was the DPI, the fonts are the same size.  Now everything
seems to be normal :)

I vistited the online tour

Then clicked on the application finder, appearance, then clicked on
DPI and raised the number to 96 did not see what it was though.

Thanks Polytropon for your valuable help and suggestions.



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