why I am upset

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Sat May 26 06:11:22 UTC 2012

> I am running KDE 4.8 from January on my Linux computer. Now is almost June and
> we got KDE 4.8 on FreeBSD too. 5 months testing and it works? No. The modern
> OS for the desktop computer doesn;t works. O.K. OS works but installatoon of 5
> months testing of KDE doesn;t.

so stop using trendy "desktop" and just start to do actual work and you 
will not be upset any more but happy.

"Desktop environments" offer exactly zero value and do nothing.
Just use fvwm2, maybe icewm, tune it to your needs and start working.
use xterm as your "start button" by starting program you need from command 
like. configure fvwm2 to have multiple "virtual desktop" switchable by 
keystrokes so you will have something like standard text console just in 
X11 with ability to run X11 programs.

in most cases - run one program on one virtual desktop. Multiple windows 
on screen is only fashionable but useless in practice.
After a while you will end in removing every unneeded things that are only 
fashionable but just wastes time and monitor space. For example window 
frames and titles.

"Desktop environments" are required so average winuser will not 
protest too much when i do X11 terminal based configuration.
but i use gnome2 this case with gdm as it is far faster (==less slow) than 
KDE, and as well as KDE gives nothing but looks more windows-like.

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