"Cloud" software ?

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl
Fri May 25 20:49:24 UTC 2012

>> The access must be easy and possible from as much devices as possible.
>> Am I clear enough ? ( sorry English is not my native language ...)
> Well, this should reduce the cloud to an sftp-server or - if their stuff
> isn't security sensitive to an ftp-server.

depends on connectivity. If you just want to access small files sometimes 
then right.

or have high speed connections, then SAMBA and NFS is right tool.

if you want 1000 users to have their "home" directories always on their 
computers but with copy kept centrally, then it would be best to keep it 
locally and run rsync (for unix users) or syncback under windoze to just 
synchronize it every day after work.

If you need some shared directories but where one person changes data and 
other reads - then still that solution is great.

But if you don't have fast links, operate on directories shared between 
users where more than one have to write, then something more complex is 

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