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> Hello !
> I have  a Samsung  portable with an Intel Atom cpu N450 . In http://www
> , you specify a?oeversions & platform a?oe a
> nd I cannot locate  the type of processor of  my Samsung .What choice d
> o I do ? 

You can select from three choices:

1) Pick an O/S where your choice of hardware is supported.
2) Pick hardware that is supported by your choice of O/S.
3) 'Port' your O/S of choice to your choice of hardware yourself, or
   if you lack the skills to do it yourself, pay someone to do it for

The choice between 1 vs 2  depends on which is 'more important', the 
hardware, or the software.  3 describes what is necessary if you are
not willing to compromise on -either- hardware or software.  Being
'unable'/'unwilling' to compromise is expensive.   Your choice.

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