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On 5/25/12 11:59 AM, Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> Forgive the OT nature of this, but FBSD tends to be a big CVS user,
> so I am hoping someone has an answer for this.  Feel free to reply
> privately if you do not wish to inflict your answer up on the whole
> list...
> Is there a way to checkout a project from a CVS repo *into the
> current directory*?   If I do this:
> cvs co -d .  foo
> Or this:
> cvs co -d ./ foo
> I get this:
> cvs checkout: existing repository /usr/cvs/... does not match 
> /usr/cvs/.../foo cvs checkout: ignoring module waccess
> Ideas?

Hi Tim,

Yes, that's possible, and I do it with the ports tree on my
development machine when I only want to work on a small portion of the
tree, e.g.:

mkdir ~/FreeBSD
cd ~/FreeBSD
cvs co -l -d . ports
cd ports
cvs co -l -d . ports/www
cd www
cvs co -d . ports/www/zend-framework [or just zend-framework because
of the alias in CVSROOT/modules]

The error you're receiving makes me thing something is wrong with your
CVSROOT setting.  Can you show it, as well as the full command line?
The "module waccess" message doesn't make sense with the command line
you provided.

Thank you,
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