"Cloud" software ?

Frank Bonnet f.bonnet at esiee.fr
Fri May 25 14:12:39 UTC 2012

On 05/25/2012 04:04 PM, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
>> With apologies to Joni Mitchell:
>> I've looked at clouds from both sides now,
>> From up and down, and still somehow,
>> It's cloud illusions I recall,
>> I really don't know clouds, at all.
>> Well, someone had to say it. :-) It summarises the marketing hype 
>> perfectly.
> fashion is quite often deciding factor not just in clothes. Actually 
> it works just the same in IT. What is funny with "cloud computing" 
> (new fashion trend) is that isn't defined at all. most probably 
> marketing people found out that it is not needed to define anything to 
> make people buy....ANYTHING. 

Well ... My goal was NOT to start a flame war around the "cloud" term ...

next time I'll choose better words :-)

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