Connect to Clear hub modem

Lars Eighner luvbeastie at
Thu May 24 13:46:35 UTC 2012

On Thu, 24 May 2012, Warren Block wrote:

> Looking at the code above again, there's an error.  The first line is not 
> going to do anything (I think, rc.conf has surprised me before). It should 
> have the interface name.  So either of these two lines should work:
> ifconfig_re0="DHCP"
>  or
> ifconfig_re0="inet netmask"

I am only following up here because someday someone may find this thread in
the archives.

We are talking about the Clear hub modem (which is for wireless but can be
connect by ethernet cable).


doesn't work.  Possibly because the hub so far as I can get it to reveal
itself is running DHCP itself.

This does work:

network_interfaces="lo0 re0"
ifconfig_re0="inet netmask"

If they were both having DHCP, could some kind of race condition result,
where they are dynamically reassigning each other?  I don't know.  I'm
guessing at any rate, if you can firmly deliver the local machine to the
tender mercies of the Clear hub, it will take over everything.

Okay, so I can't explain it, but "works" convinces me.

Perhaps as I move to the wireless side some light will be shed.  I gather
the ethernet cable connection is supposed to be the bullet-proof fallback
for this device.

Lars Eighner
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