Thomas D. Dean tomdean at
Tue May 22 17:47:04 UTC 2012

I built nanoBSD on

 > uname -a
FreeBSD P9X79.tddhome 9.0-STABLE FreeBSD 9.0-STABLE #2: Fri May 11
20:41:54 PDT 2012     tomdean at P9X79.tddhome:/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  amd64

for a TS5700 with a ELAN SC520.  The trick was to override some
variables in the .cfg file.

The image will boot and all seems OK.

In the kernel config, I have
options         NFSCLIENT               # Network Filesystem Client
options         NFSSERVER               # Network Filesystem Server
options         NFSLOCKD                # Network Lock Manager
options         NFS_ROOT                # NFS as /, requires NFSCLIENT

When I try to start nfscleint

# /etc/rc.d/nfsclient start

I get an error message about a missing nfscl module.

Looking in sys/i386/conf/*, I find that NFSCL is the new NFS client and
NFSD is the new NFS server.

I saw no errors from having NFSxxxx in my kernel config.

Do I need to use the new NFSxxxx op[tions?

If not, how do I get nfsclient working in nanoBSD?

Tom Dean

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