ZFS mounting order

Chris Brennan (lists) lists at xaerolimit.net
Sun May 20 14:41:12 UTC 2012


I have a FreeBSD 9 system with 3 different ZFS pools on it. I am
booting from a ro CF Card w/o any major issues, the problem I am
encountering is that zroot needs to be mounted at boot first, because
it contains /usr, zhome and tank contain other various sub-partitions
of /usr.

Also, zroot causes me a lot of problems when I try to do "zpool
import", when zpool gets to probing zroot, I get g_vfs errors printed
to the console and the hacnine hangs till I reset it (which is
obviously not acceptable behavior.) I was able to get around this when
booting to my cf card by making / ro, which was my intention all along
for that media.) I suspect this happens because there is a on that
volume that is trying to replace something on / on either the USB boot
img or on my CF card and this might be causing either to freak out.

So I dunno what to do to get this working the way it should and some
guidence would be greatly appreciated!

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