stay up to date with ports and packages, problem

Beastie-Boy networkaholic at
Sat May 19 13:27:32 UTC 2012

Hi folks,

i ran into problems keeping my ports-collection up to date.
Although i did a portsnap fet and install i think there are obsolete an old
ports still on the disk.
I tried to compile a programm and it complained about an older version of a
depending package.
I deleted the whole ports-dir, did the fetch and extract again, problem
persists still.
Yes, i searched all the forums and read a lot about managing ports and
Right now i am stuck.
So, how do i delete really *all* ports and *all* packages at once?
Is it possible with doing a fectch and extract having the latest ports?
I was recommended to use only portmaster and not to use sysinstall after a
finished installation.
Well, i dont know.

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