PHP 5.3 + ZendGuard Support

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Wed May 16 06:41:22 UTC 2012

> Am I the only one of few people who needs to run PHP scripts on FreeBSD machine
> that were encoded with Zend Guard technology? trying to run linux version of

probably not, no idea EXACTLY what zend guard is but i've seen other such 
standards of encoding==obfuscating PHP sources. I don't provide services 
like hosting for anyone, while i do support businesses and run their 
servers, and if anyone  offer his/her software in such form i (which 
happened) i just say NO at least, preferably kicking ass.

Don't believe in "i use it because i don't my code i worked hard on it to 
be copied by others" which actually mean "I am simple thief and i copied 
almost everything and not even modified it much as i don't understand it at all, so i use 
encoder/obfuscator to hide it".

Allowing any software without proper source and preferably documentation 
in any business always ends badly.

So really - if you provide hosting service just run linux for that case, 
on VM, and probably charge a bit more for that, or leave such case to 
competition to handle.

in every other case just say no.

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