This does look strange

Thomas Mueller mueller23 at
Wed May 16 04:59:11 UTC 2012

>From Bernt Hansson <bah at>:

> After a reinstall of winxp, yes I know but the games.

> I have a fat32 slice/partition/postcard whatever it's called.

> Mocking me with:

> testbox# fsck -y -t msdosfs /dev/ad4
> ** /dev/ad4
> Invalid signature in fsinfo block
> Fix? yes
> fsck: /dev/ad4: Floating point exception: 8
> testbox#

> I've almost expected Haha

> Anyone know what to do, is there a msdosfs fsck?

Yes there is!  I missed this thread from webmail interface, but just found it.

It's in FreeDOS ( and is part of the new FreeDOS 1.1; was also in FreeDOS 1.0:

Files in C:\FDOS\BIN having names beginning with D are


I am not in FreeDOS as I put this message together!


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