Building FreeBSD to install or update in two DESTDIRs

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Mon May 14 13:23:22 UTC 2012

> I would like to build FreeBSD to install in two places: regular hard drive and also on a USB stick, probably 8 GB.
> USB stick install would be for backup, in case something goes awry with a later update, then I have something to fall back on; could also install tools such as gdisk to use on hard drive.
> I tried make installkernel and make installworld, but those didn't fully work right the second time, with DESTDIR=/mnt (USB stick main partition).
REALLY can't help you without any info attached.

As from your description it just have to work and you did all fine.

anyway i usually just do installs to DESTDIR=/something, then tar.gz it 
up, and untar whenever i need (but separately tar.gz for /boot/kernel 

use --unlink option when untarring on live system.

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