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Chris Brennan (lists) lists at xaerolimit.net
Sat May 12 14:28:19 UTC 2012

This is a new way of setting up a machine for me, I have no more
smaller spare hard-drives to setup as a system boot/root drive for my
FreeBSD machine (they are all dead), but what I do have is a 2GB CF
card, the rest of the system is being housed on a ZFS array.

My goal is to boot the FreeBSD9 bootstick img and install just what I
need to the CF card, but I am unsure of exactly how to go about this. I
only want what I need on the card and no more and then have it mounted
RO at boot (will I have the option then to remount it RW if I need to
make changes later?)

The host system is am AMD64 machine w/ 6GB of RAM, it has 6 SATA drives
of varying sizes, the smallest being 500GB, the largest being 1TB, The
ZFS array is 3 750GB SATA drives in a ZFS-backed/run raid5 array (raidz
or raiz2 I think is what it's called.) They all have important data
them so they cannot be touched/modified in any way by the installer.

P.S. I know my signature dosn't match my public key, I haven't added
this e-mail yet (it's on my TODO list!)

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