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Fri May 11 17:47:29 UTC 2012

On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 06:29:05PM -0700, Edward M wrote:
> On 05/10/2012 03:45 PM, Alejandro Imass wrote:
> >Regarding Nemeth's I am undecided between the 4th (Unix&  Linux) or
> >the 3rd. Please advise.
>     i purchased the third edition because I took a look  in the 4th
> the table of contents
>      and it appears  anything   FreeBSD related   was remove and it
> only focuses on: Solaris
>     Linux( red hat ubuntu) and AIX. However third edition mentions BSDs

>From the index of my copy of the third edition, I see these entries:

    4.4BSD 2
    . . .
    BSD (Berkeley UNIX) 2
    . . .
    FreeBSD 4

>From the index of my copy of the fourth edition, I see these entries:

    BSD Printing 1054-1065
        see also printing
        architecture 1054-1055
        configuration 1059-1065
        lpc command 1057-1059
        lpd daemon 1056
        lpq command 1056-1057
        lpr command 1056
        lprm command 1057
        printcap file 1059-1065
        PRINTER environment variable 1054
    BSD UNIX 8, 12, 1268-1273
    . . .
    FreeBSD 8
    . . .
    NetBSD 8
    . . .
    OpenBSD 8

Page 8 of the fourth edition mentions various BSD Unix systems in the
section "Friction Between UNIX and Linux".

Page 12's mention of BSD Unix in the fourth edition appears to correspond
to page 3's un-indexed mention of FreeBSD in the third edition
(specifically FreeBSD 3.4), in reference to the example Unix OSes they
chose to use when discussing various OSes, though FreeBSD is not
mentioned specifically in the fourth edition on that page and BSD Unix is
largely referred to in a historical context.  This appears to be a
legitimate case of BSD Unix being phased out of part of the text as a
relevant OS, but it is not a section that actually says anything of
specific technical value.

Pages 1268-1273 in the fourth edition correspond to the bulk of the
section "A Brief History of System Administration" in the back of the
book.  The third edition's equivalent is the end of page 2 and a little
over half of page 3, "The Sordid History of UNIX".

The fourth edition's index mentions "jail, chroot" which, when
investigated in the text, has nothing at all to do with FreeBSD jails;
it's just about chroot.  The third edition also contains information
about chroot, but does not mention it under the J section of the index.

It looks to me like the fourth edition probably presents quite a bit more
historical information particular to BSD Unix systems than the third
edition, judging by the index.  In the table of contents, I see that the
third edition has a section set aside for BSD printing, despite lack of
mention in the index.  It looks like the table of contents section for
"BSD and AIX printing" in the fourth edition (the first edition to
include coverage of AIX, apparently) goes into a fair bit more detail
about what's in the equivalent section.

It looks to me, at a glance, like the fourth edition probably kept all of
the BSD Unix related stuff from the third, probably updated slightly but
not expanded outside of historical information.  While a failure to
expand technical information on BSD Unix systems would result in a
reduction of the percentage of the book that covers BSD Unix technical
matters, given the growth in size between third and fourth editions, the
quantity of technical information about BSD Unix systems does not appear
to have shrunk at all, from what I've seen.  Of course, I might easily
have overlooked something.

Is there something else I should try to find in the index or table of
contents that would be in the third edition but not the fourth?  Can you
give me some examples of the sorts of things you'd expect to find in the
table of contents that is lacking in the fourth edition but present in
the third?

Chad Perrin [ original content licensed OWL: http://owl.apotheon.org ]

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