Panic in FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE after reload mountd to export for NFS an UFS snapshot

Jose Garcia Juanino jjuanino at
Thu May 10 18:52:40 UTC 2012


Today I have got a panic under the following scenario:

* FreeBSD 9.0-RELEASE in VMWare ESXi virtualized host
* Very busy host (java compilers, NFS server, lot of UFS snapshots)
* apache web server
* pgsql and mysql databases
* GENERIC kernel

The panic happened after:

1- to umount a UFS snapshot mount point
2- to mount other similar UFS snapshot
   (with snapshot mount /fs:tag /mountpoint)
3- Update /etc/exports to include the previous /mountpoint
4- service mountd reload

The crash dump is here:

Please keep me in CC:

Best regards
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