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El día Monday, April 09, 2012 a las 07:06:59PM +0200, Matthias Apitz escribió:

> Months later, in some other issue, I learned about the feature of KDE
> "slow keys" and what I have described is exactly the same behaviour and
> I can now even reproduce this with just pressing and holding down the
> Shift-key for around 8 secs; when it happens one must go to the KDE
> Control Center and activate 'slow keys' (yes, they are not shown as
> activated in this moment) and deactivate 'slow keys' again, and all is
> fine.

I was curious and digged deeper into this...

"slow keys" is part of the X11 XKB-protocol (details in XKBproto.pdf or
XkbGetSlowKeysDelay(3) man page; in the ports there is ports/x11/xkbset
utility and with this one can set the "Slowkeys acceptance delay" (time
in ms the X server awaits a key is hold down before sending out the
keypress event) or to switch it off again:

$ xkbset slowkeys 500  # to switch in on and set 500ms delay
$ xkbset -slowkeys     # to switch it off again


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