Preventing portmaster from using packages for specified ports

Mike Clarke jmc-freebsd2 at
Tue May 8 21:51:20 UTC 2012

On Tuesday 08 May 2012, John Webster wrote:

> Would this work for you?  From the manpage:
>      For those who wish to be sure that specific ports are always
> compiled instead of being installed from packages the
> PT_NO_INSTALL_PACKAGE vari- able can be defined in the make(1)
> environment, perhaps in /usr/local/etc/ports.conf if using
> /usr/ports/ports-mgmt/portconf, or in /etc/make.conf.  This setting
> is not compatible with the -PP/--packages-only option.

Yes, that looks like exactly what I need. I don't know how I missed it, 
I must have searched through the manpage several times and had a total 
blind spot for that paragraph - sorry for looking so dumb.

Mike Clarke

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