maybe not truly freebsd related

Wojciech Puchar wojtek at
Tue May 8 14:28:18 UTC 2012

by possibly someone can help.

I want to use FreeBSD as timeshared server with some amount of X terminal 
(basically for free with old computers, netboot, running just Xorg -query 
and xdm on server).

There is usable software that have the commonly required uselessness 
(called desktop environment) and yet works at tolerable speed and uses 
tolerable amount of resources - i mean gnome2

there are working and available programs for "common" needs like abiword, 
gnumeric, optionally openoffice, gimp, firefox etc.. etc..

But yet - what graphical mail program can you recommend that have such 
simple basic functionality of local mail support in Maildir format?

Just running thunderbird to connect dovecot(imap) over localhost and 
having duplicated mail indexes (dovecot and thunderbird) isn't something 
that make sense.

i use pine but people like point&click.

if there are none, is there a method to alter password setting in 
thunderbird using command line tool. just i don't like loggin on over X11 
to change password in thunderbird after changing it with passwd.

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