Best mail setup for home server?

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Sun May 6 10:41:17 UTC 2012

On Sat, 05 May 2012 10:21:10 -0500
Joshua Isom articulated:

>I currently use my FreeBSD system as my generic unix server and some 
>coding, along with occasional multimedia.  I'd installed postfix years 
>ago and kept using it.  Right now, I use getmail with cron, dspam, and 
>dovecot to handle my gmail account.  I've never set up outgoing mail 
>which makes changing email clients, or devices, annoying.  Currently 
>postfix is set to use dovecot's deliver command so that dovecot can
>sort and handle it.  Before I deal with setting postfix to relay the
>mail, dealing with firewalls and other possible issues, is there a
>better alternative?  I'd prefer that local mail "just works" even if I
>lose internet, and any email that gets as far as my server will at
>least eventually mail.  The archlinux wiki seems to suggest ssmtp
>doesn't work properly with attachments.  Instead it recommends msmtp,
>which requires an active internet connection to use.  Dragonfly's dma
>is local only to the computer and not the LAN.  Are the only options
>configuring sendmail or configuring postfix?

If you only have a "dynamic" IP, you might want to investigate
something like: "" or a similar service. Attempting to
send mail from a dynamic IP will usually result in it being marked as
Spam and discarded or just being outright refused by an up-line MTA.

Personally, I would stick with Postfix, obviously the latest version. It
is far easier to configure than Sendmail and you can actually speak
with its author if a problem arises.

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