Off topic: NetBSD or OpenBSD for Alpha server ?

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri May 4 22:37:03 UTC 2012

On Fri, 4 May 2012 17:11:00 -0500 (CDT), Robert Bonomi wrote:
> For obselete hardware one frequetly has no alternative but to run an
> obselete operating system.

Depending on the actual intention of use, it _may_ be no
problem to use obsolete operating systems and software.
(For example, I still have a FreeBSD 5.4 system with lots
of applications installed, perfectly working on a 300 MHz
system, intended for "special purposes"; I would _never_
use that as a server facing the Internet!)

> The OP has already decided on a *BSD.  Recommending VMS, of any form, is 
> not a 'helpful'/'responsive' response to his questions.  You *don't*know*
> _why_ he has selected *BSD, so you have _no_ idea whether VMS is viable
> or his needs.
> Given that he -needs- a *BSD on _that_ hardware which which 'flavor' would
> you recomend?  Or would you insist he discard that hardware and replace
> it with something current?   inquiring minds want to know.  *grin*

It there is a _required_ reason to run Alpha hardware, an
older FreeBSD OS isn't a bad choice. Depending on the
availability of sources (per /usr/ports of _that_ version)
or of packages (from the installation media of _that_ version,
or $PACKAGESITE pointing to the correct archives on the FreBSD
FTP server), software can be installed. There's also the
excellent tool "portdowngrade". However, it may be a "try & miss"
to find out what software still runs, what _current_ software
can be made running, and what operation procedures still work.
This _ALL_ depends on what the system should be used for.
Only the OP can decide about what applies, and what doesn't.

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