HOWTO: FreeBSD ZFS Madness (Boot Environments)

vermaden vermaden at
Thu May 3 23:10:33 UTC 2012

"Kalle Møller" <freebsd-questions at>:
> And I forgot
> If I do a create and destroy, I would assume my system
> was back to same state, but you keep the snapshot
> when I destroy the clone, dont know if its working as
> intended (better safe to keep it than sorry) or you just
> didn't think of it :)

I added automatic deletion of snapshot origins at later
versions, the 0.1 is now in Ports, but at SourceForge [1]
or GitHub [2] there is 0.4 version already, so get the
latest one, test more and let me know how the latest
version works for You ;)




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