freebsd-update not updating reported patchlevel

Mike Brown mike at
Thu May 3 22:12:32 UTC 2012

I installed 8.2-RELEASE when it was new, and have been just using 
freebsd-update since then. I run freebsd-update whenever there are new 
critical patches. But for some reason, my system's reported patchlevel number 
hasn't updated since p3.

For example, with this latest OpenSSL security update, running 'freebsd-update 
fetch' says (among other things) "The following files will be updated as part 
of updating to 8.2-RELEASE-p7" and "WARNING: FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE-p3 is 
approaching its End-of-Life date. It is strongly recommended that you upgrade 
to a newer release within the next 2 months."

So apparently it really thinks I'm at -p3, when I know I'm at -p6, and was at 
-p5 before that, and -p4 before that. The fact that the latest update only 
included the OpenSSL files confirms that the relevant files have been getting 
updated when I 'freebsd-update install'.

But 'uname -r' continues to return "8.2-RELEASE-p3". Rebooting doesn't help. 
Is there something I need to do in order to bump the reported patchlevel? I 
thought this was supposed to happen automatically, since I didn't have to do 
anything to get it up to -p3.


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