build error : math/sage

Jong-Beom Kim kreoso at
Thu May 3 05:12:30 UTC 2012

I have those messages.

Finished installing opencdk-0.6.6.p6.spkg
/usr/local/bin/ar crs libsymmetrica.a bar.o bi.o boe.o bruch.o classical.o
de.o di.o ff.o galois.o ga.o gra.o hash.o hiccup.o io.o ko.o list.o lo.o
ma.o mee.o mem.o mes.o mhe.o mhh.o mhm.o mhp.o mhs.o mmm.o mms.o
mod_dg_sbd.o mo.o mpp.o mps.o mse.o msh.o msm.o mss.o muir.o na.o nb.o nc.o
nu.o part.o pee.o peh.o pem.o perm.o pes.o phe.o phh.o phm.o phs.o plet.o
pme.o pmh.o poly.o ppe.o pph.o ppm.o ppp.o pps.o pr.o pse.o psh.o psm.o
pss.o rest.o rh.o sab.o sb.o sc.o sr.o ta.o teh.o tem.o tep.o tes.o the.o
thm.o thp.o ths.o tme.o tmh.o tmp.o tms.o tpe.o tph.o tpm.o tps.o tse.o
tsh.o tsm.o tsp.o vc.o zo.o zykelind.o zyk.o
/usr/local/bin/ranlib libsymmetrica.a
make[2]: Leaving directory

real    2m43.498s
user    8m55.444s
sys    0m13.493s
Successfully installed symmetrica-2.0.p7
Now cleaning up tmp files.
Finished installing symmetrica-2.0.p7.spkg
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/ports/math/sage/work/sage-4.8/spkg'

real    2m50.848s
user    14m51.642s
sys    1m20.596s
Error building Sage.
gmake: *** [build] Error 1
*** Error code 1

Stop in /usr/ports/math/sage.

what's interesting is, it is successfully built on core2duo machine with
the same settings.(This failed machine has sandy bridge core)

What I suspect is, both machine has CPUTYPE?=core2 in /etc/make.conf. I
thought sandy bridge machine can have this options too, cause it has just
more cpu instruction sets. Can it be a problem?


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