Performance and mouse problems

Jerome Herman jherman at
Wed May 2 20:45:10 UTC 2012

On 02/05/2012 17:06, Albert Shih wrote:
>   Le 30/04/2012 ? 17:19:35+0200, Jerome Herman a écrit
>>>> I was afraid this would happen. And I fear it is just the begining.
>>> Why you say that ?
>> Short answer : I am a proud member of the "HAL and DBus are evil" group.
>> Middle answer : HAL and DBus were made, maintained and tuned with pretty
>> much nothing but Linux in mind. As a result they hardly play well with
>> other OS, and will tend to play worse as the time goes by.  In fact
>> general opinion is that HAL never truly worked under Linux either, it is
>> now officially deprecated.
> OK. I'm just a basic user. Event I use FreeBSD since 3.x
> I'm sysadmin so I use lot of FreeBSD for the server side. On my laptop I
> use...vim/X11/Firefox/ion3 and that is almost everything I knwon.
> I remenber when hal is release I lost lot of time to configure X11 to use
> my keyboard map (us_intl) and hate hal for that ;-)
>>> ugen5.2:<vendor 0x413c>   at usbus5
>>> ums1:<vendor 0x413c Dell Premium USB Optical Mouse, class 0/0, rev 2.00/0.09, addr 2>   on usbus5
>>> ums1: 5 buttons and [XYZT] coordinates ID=0
>> Ok looking at your files, it does not appear to be a hal/dbus problem
>> either :
>> The device is correctly probed and registered with DBus, known as
>> /dev/ums1, and the x11 driver is mapped to "mouse" which should be correct.
>> For one reason or another, xorg is not catching/processing the info.
>> Can you send the Xorg log ? Just wait until X is up and then plug the
>> mouse. I am curious to see what happens inside xorg.
> I think the problem is indeed comme from Xorg.
> Before I plug (Notice my touchpad working) 	
> I plug the mouse
> Thanks.
> Regards.
Ok here is what happens,

In your system you have your touchpad declared both in a static way in 
your xorg config, and probed by HAL.
What happens is that when xorg starts it first install the touchpad as 
required by the config file, and then tries to install it again via 
autodetection. Of course the second installation of the same device 
doesn't work as the device is already busy with xorg, and xorg stops to 
try to auto-install devices.
When you plug another mouse, xorg is notified that there are new 
devices, but starts by trying to reinstall the touchpad, fails again for 
the same reason as above and stops trying.

In order to solve your problem you can try the following :
a) remove the touchpad lines from your xorg config. This way the 
touchpad should be installed by auto detection. (simply comment it as 
you might be needing it back soon)
b) forbid hal from probing the touchpad. If solution a fails, I would 
explain to you how to do this if solution a) fails.

Jerome Herman

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