Has anybody out there taken the BSDA certification exams?

herbert langhans w3 at langhans.com.pl
Tue May 1 10:40:26 UTC 2012

Hi List,
on Saturday the 5th of May there is the Central-European BSD day in
Vienna. They also give the chance to make the BSDA certification

I went through the 'BSD Associate Exam Objectives' to get some idea
the questions. But I still wonder, how NetBSD users get away with the
style of questions and solutions asked. Its some years ago that I used
FreeBSD and I have for sure forgotten lots of details or never ran into
certain commands/solutions since changing to NetBSD.

Has any of you taken the exams? Has somebody told you about the exams? 
By the Exam Objectives I think its not that easy to pass ...

herb langhans

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