Printer recommendation please

Lino Miklav lino at
Sat Mar 31 19:20:52 UTC 2012

On 31.03.2012 00:16, Peter A. Giessel wrote:
> On 2012, Mar 30, at 11:17, Warren Block wrote:
>> It should work with FreeBSD, certainly for text.  For graphics
>> output, Gutenprint doesn't have a setting specifically for the
>> 6500, but one of the similar printers probably will work.  Don't
>> expect photo quality, color lasers have to do halftones.

I've requested a test printout, but they claim their 600 x 600 x 16 
technology gives similar results than 1200 dpi inkjets.

> It doesn't surprise me that Gutenprint doesn't have a setting
> specifically for the 6500 because Xerox provides one:

Uf, I have this idea to only use LPD and filters.

> I have a Phaser 6300 (older model), and it has worked well for every
> OS that I have thrown at it, including Mac, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD,
> iOS, etc.
> Echoing others, get a real postscript printer, get a real network printer
> (not USB), and get a laser printer (although Thermal Wax would also be
> acceptable).

Just got an incredible deal, Xerox Phaser 6280V DN with toners for 2000+ 
pages for 362 EUR. That's exactly the price I've paid for ink in the 
last five years. I think I'll go with this one.

Regards and thanks to everyone who chimed in with a piece of good advice.


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