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Erich Dollansky articulated:

> I know a person who did this too. But for the purpose of saving
> money. It was during a time when new printers with refill have been
> cheaper than the refill. This guy actually saved money and has had
> the latest model.

Kodak made a major change in their price structure to actually front
load the cost of the printer while most other manufacturers still
basically give away the printer with the expectations of making profit
on the selling of the ink. Hence, many individuals, especially college
students purchase cheap ink-jet printers that can actually rival the
output of many high priced color laser units and simply discard them in
six months when the ink runs dry. Plus, they have the functionality of
being able to plug those ink-jets into virtually any Microsoft product,
sans driver and still have a fully functional device.

By the way, PS is going the way of the dodo bird. PDF is quickly
becoming the printing norm. If you are going to spend a significant
amount of money on a printing device, make sure it supports native PDF.

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