how often to update ports?

Robert Huff roberthuff at
Fri Mar 30 21:05:11 UTC 2012

Aleksandr Miroslav writes:

>  How often do you folks update your ports/packages. I was manging
>  two servers for years for my personal web/email, and I've rarely
>  gone for more than 3 months with any single package being not up
>  to date, usually about once a month I would update all my ports.

	Security updates go in as soon as they can be tested locally.
	Everything else ... within a couple of days, unless a) others
report problems, or b) it requires a lot of re-building dependant
ports (e.g. perl, X, autotools).
	Caveats: no machine is mission-critical; most are lightly
loaded; spares are available.

				Robert Huff

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