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On Wed, 28 Mar 2012 16:24:51 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	i dont have a clue what a chording keybd is;

This kind of keyboard uses key combination of its FEWER keys
to generate characters (or even syllables or words). The
name "chorded" is used synonymously with instruments like
the guitar where you use one hand to hold down certain
strings in a defined manner, and then it plays a chord
like A major or D minor.

There's an initial article about it on WP:

This kind of keyboard is typically used by court recorders
in the US. They are trained to record whole conversations
in real time directly onto paper. By bressing three, four
or more keys at a time, a specific output is generated by
the device. It's often called stenotype, because it's like
"typing in stenography", emphasizing that's a phonetic code
in the foreground.

Also typewriters for blind persons use this approach. The
model "Erika Picht Portable" (paper format DIN A5 I think)
is  still well known to me. There's also a regular (DIN A4)
model, produced by Schreibmaschinenwerke Dresden (type-
writer works Dresden), part of the combinate "robotron".
Those machines are _stiill_ produced in Dresden.

Input devices with comparable key layouts are also available
for the PC, but instead of stenotype, they generate regular

> 	i v much like this vivaldi 7" tablet, just as-is.  i wonder
> 	if a future 7inch model could have more memory Along with a
> 	"slide-in" kybd.  slide out and work: edit, use ffox,
> 	konsole or xterms, then slide back in place. this tablet
> 	could replace the ipad, nook, asus.  

Interesting thought. Maybe it wouldn't target "home commodity
users" in the first place, but a sliding keyboard could be
a benefit for professional users who want to do more than
just watching movies on such a thing. It would also help
to bring the concept of separating input and output to the
device in a "physical manner" (because it might be useful
in certain conditions when your fingers aren't located
at places where you are supposed to read something), and
STILL keeping the regular touch interface (no real separation)
available, intact and unbroken.

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