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> On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 09:05:19PM -1000, Open Slate wrote:
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> > I position a tablet as a consumer device. Web surfing, watching video, a
> > little texting. A student slate must support creativity, especially
> > writing. At the same time I see the qwerty keyboard as an obstacle, hard to
> > learn, impossible to use while holding the slate. I want HWR as good as the
> > Newton, and buttons for a chording keyboard along the bottom on both sides.
> > Buttons support two handed use or one handed, either side. For those who
> > prefer classic keyboard, plug in a USB model.
> I think learning a chording keyboard is going to be much more of an
> obstacle than using a QWERTY keyboard, considering you can hunt-and-peck
> on a QWERTY keyboard, but you have to know the chords to do anything on a
> chording keyboard.
	i dont have a clue what a chording keybd is; will google
	after a long nap1  also, i have lost track of who posted the
	'fentek' page, but that is where i got my present mine.

	i v much like this vivaldi 7" tablet, just as-is.  i wonder
	if a future 7inch model could have more memory Along with a
	"slide-in" kybd.  slide out and work: edit, use ffox,
	konsole or xterms, then slide back in place. this tablet
	could replace the ipad, nook, asus.  
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