need info builing ports properly

icemac icemaca at
Wed Mar 28 14:08:37 UTC 2012

I am fairly new to fbsd and not a linux user, just windows and osx.
My first install was version 7.1 for a short while and had 7.2, but only 
just came back to it with 9.0-r (amd64).

I have a bit of an issue with the port system and was hoping to get some 
basic info as to what i might be doing wrong or missing before i go mess 
up my install.

Basically, i know the basics of installing, maintaining ports, etc, but 
I seem to always end up with a rather flakey system, apps not running 
properly and so on.

The one time I was really happy with my system is when i had tinderbox 
set up (on ver 7.x) and built everything in there, but was still using 
the same make.conf options in there as my /etc/make.conf

I only ever had this option set

CFLAGS= -O2 -fno-strict-aliasing -pipe

and have tried without anything in /etc/make.conf ( apart from perl 
version entry from the port).

So far i have never concerned myself while ldconfig or related stuff, as 
i am green on that, and have always had either default or whatever gets 
updated automatically.

Would that be an issue, or my only issue? is there something else i need 
to set up properly on my system, or are my fingers just too big for my 

At the moment i have 9.0-r installed, using packages only, with 
un-updated ports (so i can delete/add packages with portupgrade -PP and 
have no version issues), then i have tinderbox set up again, with latest 
ports tree (csup'ed last night) and plan to rebuild all the packages i'm 
using, but i don't want to have to avoid straight "make install clean" 
for every small thing later.

Can someone give me some direction? I am still learning to use fbsd, and 
starting C, so i dont mind reading/testing. I dont mind running 
"pkg_delete -fav" every other day either atm.

Thanks in advance

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