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I position a tablet as a consumer device. Web surfing, watching video, a
little texting. A student slate must support creativity, especially
writing. At the same time I see the qwerty keyboard as an obstacle, hard to
learn, impossible to use while holding the slate. I want HWR as good as the
Newton, and buttons for a chording keyboard along the bottom on both sides.
Buttons support two handed use or one handed, either side. For those who
prefer classic keyboard, plug in a USB model.

So much of what I want just isn't there. But it is possible.

Gary Dunn
Open Slate Project

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> On 03/27/12 09:32, Chuck Swiger wrote:
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       you guys have any thoughts about a tiny {7"} keyboard
       plugin?  i'm wondering if my VBC project might work with
       this tablet.  i've never seen a keyboard that small.  nice
       tablet, tho.


       PS: i keep looking for tablets with a real keyboard.  not
       very much.  So far... .

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