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Polytropon freebsd at
Wed Mar 28 00:45:52 UTC 2012

On Tue, 27 Mar 2012 17:21:45 -0700, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	how about the eee-701s?  they are no mo' but used to have a
> 	70% of full size keyboard.  my eee-900A had All the std
> 	keys.  do we really need the F[n] keys?
> 	anyway, if not a  tiny kybd, maybe a small one.  

Maybe I can suggest the Happy Hacking keyboard here?
It's small in size and popular amnong hackers. It does
not have PF keys (those can be "emulated" by Fn+<number>,
comparable to Alt+<number> on early 3270's). Its dimensions
are about 11" x 4.5" x 1.5" at less than 1.5Lb weight.

However, this is an external (USB2) keyboard.

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