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Mon Mar 26 23:07:33 UTC 2012

On 03/27/12 01:42, Chad Perrin wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 07:21:51PM -0500, Robert Bonomi wrote:
>> Considering that FreeBS positions itself 'primrily' as a _server_ OS,
>> I would suggest that it is 'unlikely'.
> I suppose iXsystems and the PC-BSD project might be a place to send out
> feelers as well, being more interested in end-user stuff than the pretty
> server-sysadmin heavy crowd here.  There are a lot of people in this
> community interested in more than just servers, though, so I don't see
> why the fact FreeBSD is good for servers should be an impediment to
> seeking out people with an interest in tablet ports.
>> *I*, for one, would hope that porting to the 'Rasberry Pi' has higher
>> priority.
> So would I.  If someone decided to tackle the Vivaldi platform, though, I
> wouldn't complain.
>> Now, if "somebody" in the 'Vivaldi' community wants to gather up _all_
>> the relevant 'technical data' for configuring/accessing/programming *ALL*
>> the included hardware, and -publish- it in one EASILY ACCESSIBLE place,
>> that would be a good start.
> This might be a start:
>> If such a "somebody" were to _also_ provide 'funding' for a porting project,
>> that would undoubtedly move such a project to a high position on the 'to do'
>> list'.
>> Otherwise, "Skippy", you, -YOURSELF-.  will need to find a 'guru' with the
>> appropriate knowledge/skills *and* "enough interest' in the project to
>> tackle it.
> I think the point of the initial email to start this thread was to see if
> there were people in the community with an interest in working on this
> project, and might actually be a fairly logical step toward an effort to
> "find a 'guru'" to work on it.
Actually I think the point of the email was to prop up the member 
numbers on the site. The platform itself is just an ordinary aPad which 
can be hacked. As for the open source community interest, well it 
already runs linux natively- android- so not entirely sure what the fuss 
is about (might explain the population there).

If anyone was interested in porting FreeBSD to tablets there are plenty 
of dev kits out there to play with; and if the cost is excessive then 
grab an aPad off eBay for $50.

To explain the major hurdle in porting to a tablet, you'd need to 
probably find an alternative windowing solution then Xorg (low memory, 
especially in vivaldi)- I'm not 100% sure what iOS and Android use. 
Might be interesting...

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