source files needed to compile the Handbook in ps/pdf format

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Mon Mar 26 19:22:50 UTC 2012

Dear folks,

Several times when updating FreeBSD when I installed documentation, I
would get the new versions of handbook and tex/pdftex/pdflatex ran in
the background updating the Handbook.  I nuked the documentation part
and I no longer see this.  I also added texlive[some from DVD and some
from TexLive-FreeBSD-google code by Romain Tartiere].  I am also using

which is a small & portable TeX/LaTeX distribution.  An announcement
was made a while ago about kertex.  Why am I asking? I want to see if
the kertex packages are able to compile the FreeBSD documentation or
not?  I know in advance that texlive should do it, but I know that
FreeBSD still clings on to TeTeX.  TeXLive is big and all the reasons
out in the sun I have heard, FreeBSD and Slackware(Linux) still use
teTeX.  I wonder what would be needed for kertex to correctly compile
and produce the FreeBSD Handbook and FreeBSD FAQ.

If there are source files somewhere so I can try the compilation and
see what is needed, I would appreciate it.  I have tried several
books, and it has done them, but after some work hunting down some
style files and putting them in the working directory,

(TIA)Thanks in Advance


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