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Boris Samorodov bsam at
Mon Mar 26 19:18:22 UTC 2012

26.03.2012 22:20, Martin McCormick пишет:
> 	Is there yet any way to remotely rebuild a FreeBSD
> system? I have two FreeBSD systems on two remote campuses that
> presently run FreeBSD6.3. They need to be running FreeBSD9.0 and
> I don't really care how I get there as long as it can be done
> over the network. If we were physically there, I would put a
> CDROM in and blow them away since it is such a large jump.

I used an USB stick with full system, sources (/usr/src) and
compiled binary (/usr/obj). Since the system is booted from USB,
I have full control via ssh session.

> 	I can have staff members there install CDROM's that were
> remastered to use the serial console, but I am hoping that maybe
> we are moving past this sort of logistics.
> 	I just tried to unpack the 9.0 image using tar which has
> worked in the past to let one modify loader.conf but I got a
> bunch of errors this time about files that couldn't be created
> so maybe this is not the recommended headless installation
> technique any longer.
> 	Any ideas?

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