NFS locking and linux NFS server

Christoph Egger christoph at
Sun Mar 25 13:58:44 UTC 2012

Hi all!

  I have a Linux Host (2.6.32 kernel, Debian stable) providong NFS
shares. Locking files on that share works fine for linux clients [0]
while it fails on a freebsd 9.0-STABLE system. The interwebs indicate
there have been problems witha buggy linux implementation back in 2006
but no more hits for that problem in recent times so I assume it's

root at freebsd /mnt/
11:27 0 # kldstat -v | grep nfs
		341 nfscommon
		386 nfslockd
		344 nfsd
		385 nfssvc
		342 nfs
		343 nfscl
		384 nfslock
root at freebsd /mnt/
11:28 0 # flock test -c ls
flock: test: Operation not supported

root at freebsd /mnt/
11:31 0 # mount | grep nfs on /mnt/ (nfs)



[0] flock test -c ls
9FED 5C6C E206 B70A 5857  70CA 9655 22B9 D49A E731
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