freebsd 9.0: netperf 2.5 'configure' fails for --enable-cpuutil

akshay sreeramoju akshay.sreeramoju at
Tue Mar 20 07:38:19 UTC 2012


What is the right option to give for ./configure --enable_cpuutil=<?????>?

'./configure --enable-cpuutil=sysctl'  errors  as below
checking which CPU utilization measurement type to use... configure: error:
--enable-cpuutil takes kstat, kstat10, looper, osx, perfstat, procstat,
pstat, pstatnew, sysctl or none

"./configure --enable-cpuutil=none", configures, compiles and runs. But
 local CPU util/service-demand is not calculated, as seen below
Recv   Send    Send                          Utilization       Service
Socket Socket  Message  Elapsed              Send     Recv     Send    Recv
Size   Size    Size     Time     Throughput  local    remote   local
bytes  bytes   bytes    secs.    10^6bits/s  % U      % S      us/KB   us/KB

2000000 1000000 1000000    6.04          0.89   -1.00    0.31     0.000

I  tried  the other suggested:  kstat, kstat10, looper, osx, perfstat,
procstat, pstat, pstatnew. They all fail at configure/make/un level.

Can anyone help?



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